Our clients are engaged in construction, and we guide them through every step of the construction process. We provide a full range and scope of services based on our clients’ needs, from advice delivered in a friendly phone call to managing complex lawsuits involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Our clients range from suppliers and subcontractors, to contractors, to designers, owners and developers and sureties. We represent the best in the business. And our lawyers seek dispute resolution without unnecessary litigation. But if a matter requires formal dispute resolution, we have a team of litigators that has won some of the most complex construction cases.

Construction Defects
Designer Lead Design Build
Integrated Project Delivery
Insurance Coverage
Government Contracts
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Architect & Engineer (A/E) Malpractice​
Regulatory and Licensing Requirements
Copyright and Intellectual Property


Over the years, we have found that many clients that are too small to hire an in-house counsel benefit from our General Counsel Service. This service provides the following services for a fixed monthly fee that is based on the firm’s size and legal needs.

  • We answer questions over the telephone that do not require extensive legal research
  • We review and revise standard industry contracts
  • We meet with the Client quarterly to generally review the client’s business practices
  • We will send out the first collection letter demanding payment on any overdue account


  • Assisted an architect in recovering additional fees for extra services.
  • Instituted copyright action to recover for misappropriation of plans.
  • Defended structural engineer against claim brought by the Argentine Navy for settlement caused by defective sheeting and shoring. The case was successfully settled.
  • Defended an architect on a multi-party claim on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington, DC. The case was successfully settled.
  • Settled a dispute through a mediation between the architect and owner on a major monument on the Mall in Washington DC.


We review so many standard industry contracts that we are able to offer online review of these contracts at very reasonable prices. Most contracts take between two and five hours to review. If the review will take longer than five hours, we will call you with an estimate prior to beginning the work. Simply email us the contract (preferably in Microsoft® Word format) and we will redline it with our comments and email it back to you, usually within 48 hours. After the client receives the redlined version, we will go through the contract with the client to answer any questions. We are also available to directly participate in the negotiations.

"Our lawyers thrive on achieving performance excellence."